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Mistress Gaia – My female slave shitting in diaper 1080p


Your know that your female slave sometimes wets in her panties and you make fun of her for that. You slap and spank her like a little girl and put her in diaper, laughing at her. You make fun of her because she must wear a diaper, while she cries and says that she doesn’t need it. You leave her alone, still in diaper, and, when you are back, you discover that she has shitted herself. You show her all dirty. You change her diaper, then you shit in another diaper and push her face into your shit (if she cries, it’s even better; she must undergo all what you want), you laugh and show her dirty face to the camera; you denigrate and verbally abuse her and say that it will get worse and worse for her. She will become your toy-baby…. Continue reading…

Louise Hunter – Scat at the Beach SD


Lou dildo’s herself at the beach and performs an enema
She smears shit all over herself and rubs it in with her toy
Her friend arrives and they go inside. Lou is fisted and toyed to get her warmed up
Lou ties her friend up in the backyard (they’re both wearing kinky PVC)
Lou’s friend gets toyed for a bit while lying on her back
They perform some enemas on each other, and start toying with shitty dildos.
A cucumber is rammed into Lou’s ass at the end for a finale Continue reading…

Louise Hunter – Dinner for Two SD


Scene 1

Lou and her friend 69 for a while at the beginning – they also enjoy fingering each other’s ass

Lou gets fisted by her friend – to which she licks off all the pussy juice.

Lou straps up and fucks her friend from behind, then in missionary.

Her friend returns the favour – Lou rides reverse cowgirl and pisses on her. Continue reading…

Louise Hunter – A Slave to Scat SD


Louise and one of her friends get down so to BDSM scat action.
Louise lets her slave out of the cage, covers her in shit and smears it all over her face
She spanks her and penetrates her ass with a toy
They both drink each other’s piss and the slave rides an inflatable cock (some puke from Louise here) Continue reading…

Louise Hunnter – A Lesson for Lena SD


Lena and Lou play with each other’s pussies for a bit
Lena sucks the cameraman off and drinks his warm piss
Lena has an enema and shits onto a tray
The cameraman pisses onto Lena and fucks her doggystyle for a bit.
Lou smears some shit on Lena’s asscheeks before some more doggy Continue reading…

SG-Video – Scat Kisses Lesbian Erotic Russian Babes By Jelena And Tiana 4K Ultra HD


Here we are with the new lesbian love scat kisses movie with two amazing russian young babes. Amazing beautiful girls Tiana and Jelena make shit into mouth and kiss erotical with the mouth full of shit. Tiana is a real lesbian babe, and real pervert and this you can see in this movie. So see her in her first scat movie with amazing sequenses af pissing and shit games. Jelene pees in very nice position in her face and mouth during Tiana is full of shit , that looks sooo sexy and hot. And Jeleana you already know, she is a pervert young russian babe with no limits and she plays so natural, her shit is amazing quality like finest caviar and her pee, i mean woow. So dont miss that new lesbian scat kisses erotic movie and let us know in the comments. Continue reading…

SG-Video – Lesbian Scat Kisses Extreme And Hard Shit Fucking By Jelena And Shakira Blade 4K Ultra HD

Hot lesbian scat kisses movie. Top babes Jelena and her girlfriend Shakira in a erotical but stong scat lesbian story. The shit enter direct from ass to mouth when they shit in each other mouth and the sexy hot bitches kiss strong each other with the mouth full of their shit! Also everybody does a big piss into mouth and swallow, so thats real sexy. Also shit fucking and mouth attack fucking with a big dildo full of good smelling hot shit makes the movie even more stronger. I love the part when Jelena stay at the wall full of shit in her fucking mouth and gets real kicked in het hot pussy by Shakiras feets! Just amazing and after Jelena gets fucked with a strap-on doggy style and reverse cowgirl ! So if you like scat kisses with two perfect young girls, then thats your movie to see! Continue reading…