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FF-390 – Shit Restroom That Woman Is Appropriate For Eyes 4 – HD-1080p


A group of Japanese women went to the toilet and poop while squatting on the cubicle. Some of the defecation are watery (diarrhea), some of which are harder to poop (constipation). It also consists of them peeing while pooping. Once they are done, they wiped their asses with tissues and the scene shows the next woman. Videos are split screen of the women and from inside the bowl – views of women’s facial expressions and pooping of feces from anuses. Continue reading…

Scat Movie World — Dinner on the street SD

Our dirty cur does still not know, how to pamper Miss Jane and me with a
nice cake. As a reminder we just crushed his meal on the street, peed in
his dirty mouth and then let him slurp up all the rest from the concrete,
while we kicked his balls repeatedly. Our cur has to improve – but anyway
we will use his mouth as toilet. Continue reading…