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Release Year: 2016
Genres: Scat, Pissing, Femdom, Domination
Video language: English

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Samantha Starfishs Store – Shit Covered Fetal Pig – 1080p full.hd hd masturbation

Shit Covered Fetal Pig
A few years ago, my very special friend gave me a fetal pig in a jar! I’ve have fucked my holes with the pig before but I’ve never SHIT fucked myself with my pig!
Watch me smear shit all over my piggy and fuck my cunt so hard! All while wearing my pig nose and ears! I fuck my hole so good! I get shit everywhere! But it feels so good! I oink in pleasure!
I fuck my pig so hard! It’s so fucked up to be fucking a shit covered pig in a jar as I’m dressed up as a pig and oinking as I cum and cum and cum!
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