Goddess Amihra – Filters Mouth Of His Friend

Clearly he forgot how cruel I can truly be.. haha i think its time to give him a lesson he’ll never forget and a nice fitting punishment for being such a piece of sht. he wants to be shtty… Ill give him just that.. After bringing him to his knees and forcing him to watch me slowly peel my brown streaked g string from my ass and place it into his mouth, tape wont be needed to make sure they don’t come out.. he moans in horror as I pull out a tight black latex mask with nothing but a hole for his nose and slide it over his head. Sending him into darkness. Oh this is going to be horrible. complete sensory deprivation and it will only intensify the smell and things I’m about to send up his nose.. Laying strapped in the box unable to see, move, or speak and with the latex being pressed against his ears by the memory foam clamps he wont be able to hear a thing.. The only sense he’ll have is smell and thats all he’ll need. I’ve loaded up on all the foods known to cause terrible gas and diahrrhea, including my favorite Chipotle. Those mexican beans and spice really have a way with making a girl run to the toilet.

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