I Need To Pee#17

Release Year: 2009
Studio: Fetish Pays Me
Cast: Stars: Nikki, Mandy, Ryan, Candi, Kim, Bella, Trixy, Debbie, Violetta, Calliste, Arianna Labarbara
Genres: peeing, fetish, desperation to pee, pants wetting, accidental wettings in public, all girls
Video language: English

New hot girl, busty MILF Arianna is tied up, she struggles to escape the ropes and run from the thief so she can finally go. She begs him to let her go, will she make it? Those WET BLUE JEANS tell her story!
Ryan and her sexy girlfriends are coming home and Ryan is driving, when she feels an urge within her bladder. Her friends tease her and try to make drip drop water sounds but Ryan focuses all her mind on resisting the urge to go. This poor girl has a DRIVING DESPERATION TO PEE AND WETS HER PANTIES OUTSIDE!
Kim is a Real Estate Agent that is showing a house to a possible buyer; everything is going well. The only problem is her bladder is really full and the owner has not show up with the keys! Watch as she WETS HER TAN PANTS OUTSIDE.
Meet the beautiful Bella; she had a few drinks, hopped in her car and was driving home a little too fast when the cops pulled her over. The policeman asks her to step outside the car, but due to her bladder being so full she can barely walk straight and he suspects she’s drunk. SHE WETS HER BLUE JEANS RIGHT THERE!
Ryan is hanging out with her friend Trixy they drank too much liquids and their poor bladder are too full & bursting! They hurry up but to Ryan’s horror everything is closed and she forgot the keys and ends up WETTING HER JEANS AND RED SHORTS!
Kim’s late for her driver’s license exam so she decides to wait to use the toilets but the test takes minimum of 30 minutes!! Kim gets increasingly uncomfortable and tries her best to calm her aching bladder while concentrating on NOT failing. But it’s too late! As soon as Kim pulls over and gets out it’s a big gusher that can’t be stopped and she WETS HER BLUE PANTS!
Debbie and Calliste, 2 MILFS, are driving and lost. They both need to use the toilets and are desperate to relieve themselves but it’s too late!! Debbie starts pissing her pink pants in the backseat and Calliste jumps out only to totally wet her panties! Watch their PANTY WETTING ACCIDENT IN PINK PANTS!
Busty MILF Arianna Labarbera is a hot MILF model who’s coming in to do her first INeed2pee shoot and he already is so desperate, bouncing up and down doing the dance. The director wants her to try on several pairs of pants before he finds one that suits Arianna but by that time it’s too late and there is streaming all over the floor! SHE WETS HER YELLOW PANTS!
Our new curly hair girl Ryan holds her over full bursting bladder on the way to her friend’s house while. Lots of crossed legs, desperate crotch grabbing and desperation talk that result in her WETTING HER WHITE LEGGINGS OUTSIDE.
Violetta and Candi are watching a movie and Violetta is holding her bladder, trying not to wet herself but Candi, being a silly brat, tickles her until her totally wets her TAN PANTS!
Mandy & Kim got locked out of the house. They are trying to find a way to get into the house; they have their bladders extremely full they cross their legs tight and try to hold it in. Mandy is wearing very sexy skin tight blue jeans and she loses bladder control, herself! Kim follows suit soon after. Awesome double wetting with TIGHT JEANS & PANTIES!
Calliste & Trixie are both desperate to pee already and they bet each other that the first person to wet themselves has to pay for everyone’s dinner. Calliste tries her best to keep it in but it starts gushing out through her panties and over her shoes. That was too much for Trixie and she completely pisses her tight jeans in public! You get to see WET JEANS & SKIRT PLUS PUBLIC WETTING ACCIDENT!
As you can see I highlighted what type of clothing the ladies are going to wet in each scene. Enjoy these full bladders and real wetting scenarios!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:46:01
Video: 480×360, Windows Media Video 9, 1220kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 985.8 MB