Kim – Dirty Baby Fucked On The Changing Table

I was a dirty girl again today, lying on my front on baby mat on the floor, happily coloring in my Hello Kitty book… with a big mess in my diaper! It felt all warm and nice on my butt, and the front of my diaper was all pee soaked and soggy around my pussy. I wasn’t feeling especially sexy at that point, just very babyish, but when Daddy said it was time to change my diaper, I started to get some tingles!

I love it when I have to lie on the changing table with my knees pulled back and my legs wide apart while Daddy cleans my dirty bottom. I really feel like a big baby, but the feelings in my pussy are very much those of a naughty big girl! I know it turns him on too, and I love it when he calls me a dirty girl! When he started to unzip his jeans I knew what was coming, and my pussy immediately went all swollen and slippery.

Then he asked me if I liked being fucked while when I’m all dirty! Do I ever! Yes please! What a filthy dirty baby girl I am, with my legs wide apart, my butt covered in poop, just wanting to feel his hard cock inside me!

Daddy fucked me on the changing table – he filled my dirty pussy with his hard cock – he rubbed my clit and he touched my nipples – he made me cum!

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