LoveWetting – Bibi – Lazing by the lake

The spring is in full bloom and Bibi decides to spend this lovely afternoon at a lake. She is drinking water, enjoying music in her headphones and reading her favorite book. Lying on the blanket and listening to music makes her sleepy – why not take a nap?

This is a safe country, nothing can happen. She falls asleep quickly and soon has a dream that every woman in the world has had at least once. She dreams of having to pee so she goes to the bathroom, pees there with huge relief and safely returns back to her bedroom. Then she wakes up… just to find out that in reality she had peed herself! She is hoping she had perhaps just spilled her water but soon she realizes what really happened. What to do next? The only logical thing is to pour the remaining water on her shorts and pretend she just went swimming in them…

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