More camgirls eating vomit piss and shit 2

The second one is an asian, some of you may know her as Jureka or NastyChinkyToy, i’ve had a few shows with her and she never disappoints. She is honest too, when i asked if she had any vomit she said no, come back in an hour after having her lunch, she told me she was going to have beef slices and some rice i think. An hour later i started a show and asked her to vomit, chunks of her lunch came out, you can clearly see the beef, one of the chunkiest vomit i’ve seen so far, making her eat it and vomit it again over and over again is a treat. The only thing though i haven’t been able to break her down yet like the rest of the models, she still seems enthusiastic and happy throughout the whole show, maybe you guys have some ideas on how to do so?

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