Abbraxa’s Scat Dildo Fuck

I love shit sex! Packing and repacking my pussy with shit is so much fun. Using a dildo to push my load back in is so hot that I could not stop doing it, nonstop , over and over for more than half an hour. What a feeling it is to fuck myself as I shit on my dildo. Shit as a lube is the hottest thing I ever tried. That why I ram my cunt like crazy stopping only to piss and shit on my dildo. Now on a fruit and fiber diet for over a month I became a runny shit bag on hi-heels. Shitting and farting as become my main occupation as I’m now focusing full time on shit sex clip production. I enjoy so much being a shit slut that my goal is to do nothing but that. I’m so excited to know you are watching me that I can’t stop wanting more shitty fun. Please masturbate over my shit slut body… I love it!
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