PVC And Scat Couple – Fucked Deep + Hard Covered Poop After Catching A Voyeur

A voyeur watches as I plunge my toy deep into my wet and horny pussy, listening to me moaning, before I take a huge shit into my hand- I can barely hold it all!- and smear it all over my hot round ass. But his enthusiasm gets the better of him, and he accidentally knocks over the chair he’s been hiding behind. Luckily for him, I’m insanely horny and want some help getting off- and of course, someone to smear poop all over every inch of my sexy body! It feels so good. I entertain him by sucking on a huge piece of shit, I gag on his massive dick, and before long, I’m getting fucked in different positions, almost screaming in total ecstasy as he pounds my pussy and stretches me out!
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