[PPV-1068]Gachinco – Gachi Chiaki 2

The second clip start in a room, where chiaki and the male talent are having a meal, they chit-chat for a while, then he tied her to a couch, and using a dildo to make her cum, piss, and shit. he shoved a corn-like dildo up her ass, and soon it covered in shit. he then fuck her vaginally for a while before move to her dirty ass. he pound her ass in a nice dirty anal action, before made her taste his shit flavored cock. Next, they are in a toilet, and he piss in her mouth. They move to a room, he fuck her ass some more, there are some foot and ass licking action, then he fuck her pussy, give her a nice creampie. He finished by fingering her pussy until she squirt and shit herself.
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