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Tina Amazon – Peanut Butter Cookie Shit Sandwich – HD-1080p


Watch me prepare you a special treat. I got you some yummy peanut butter cookies but it’s missing chocolate. So I shit out some of my delicious chocolate so I can make you some extra yummy peanut butter and chocolate cookie sandwiches. Continue reading…

Mistress Gaia – Under my toilet chair – HD-1080p


Today, I need to evaluate a new toilet slave. Many slaves write me asking to be used a toilet but very few succeed; when they get my shit in their mouth, most of them back up. Unfortunately reality is different Continue reading…

Mistress Gaia – Two useless slaves at work – HD-1080p


Today I have two useless slaves in my cage. Some slaves are good as maid, others as ponyboys, others as whipping-boys or money-slaves, but these two are completely useless; I have to keep them in the cage, otherwise, instead of helping me, they would make a mess in the studio. However, I want to give them another possibility, the last one: today I’m going to use them as toilet slaves, hoping that, Continue reading…

Mistress Gaia – Trapped in scat diaper – HD-720p


CUSTOM REQUEST – A hogtied slave lies in na corner. You defecate on a diaper. Next you go to him and hold the toilet paper under his nose so that he can sniff out the caviar as he must grovel to the diaper still being hogtied. When he reached the diaper, he must first lick the caviar. Then he must take a bite and swallow it. Afterwards you shift the diaper and he must grovel to your caviar again Continue reading…

Tina Amazon – Naughty Nun Shit Smear and Swallow – HD-1080p


I’m a very naughty and dirty nun. I get so horny when I have to shit. Watch me strip and then spread my ass cheeks and take a big shit. I love getting dirty so I rub my stinky shit all over my sexy ass. Then I take my shit and smear a cross over my big tits and some on my mouth. To show you how naughty I really I am I take a big chunk of my shit and chew and swallow it. Watch me struggle as I chew and gag until I have swallowed the big chunk down. Continue reading…

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