[PGFD-014]JADE – PHOWA HOUSE – The Best of Mega Vomit! – 1080p


Video 1 features twelve girls wearing office outfits with high heels puking into a toilet while kneeling on the floor! Video 2 has seven girls at the bar puking. Video 3 features nine girls at a restaurant. This is from DLPGFD-008 and it features the BEST puking scene ever. Three girls destroy a toilet with vomit and shit!!!! Video 4 has four girls eating and drinking in an apartment then puke in the toilet while the others watch! Video 5 has seven girls in classy outfits puke in the toilet while a second camera is zoomed in on their panties! Video 6 features six girls puking in toilets while they piss in their panties! Messy video! Video 7 has eight girls puking in an apartment toilet. One of the girls just pukes on the floor!

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