[PooAlexa]Bringing You Home (1080p full.hd hd jessica.valentino)

I am so happy I brought you home with me, I cant wait to fuck you sit right there and watch me, you cant help but want me. I tease your throbbing hard cock unzipping your jeans and stroking it for you. I strip out of my clothes telling you how much I want you, you have a up shot of my sexy tushy and neon pink panties I tell you to smell my ass and you do. I stand up and fill my panties completely a huge mount of poop fill my panties, I am so embarrassed, I run to the restroom and you walk in after me. I ask you why you are there and you reply that you like to see the heavy thick shit weighing down my panties, I tell you that I like the warm poop there and start rubbing the thick shit all over my ass teasing and shaking my butt for you I pull off my panties and tell you to come in and join me.
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