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Mistress Anna – Vibrator and Diarrhea – HD-1080p


Dual Use Slave I am dressed in beautiful lingerie. Maybe I am going to see a man after I use you? Of course, I have no sexual attraction for the pig I am using for a toilet but it is still useful to get him sexually excited in order to make him more compliant and entertaining. I order the slave to lick my ass as I remind it that this is its place in life, the fulfillment of its existence. Continue reading…

Bad Toilet Humiliated Second Cam


Bad Toilet – Humiliated Second Cam: I am in the mood, and I need to shit! So I tell my slave to get behind my ass and take what comes out. After peeing the logs start to come out, but my toilet misses too much! It falls to the floor, Continue reading…

A Mouthful of Shit for Goodbye


A big pile of shit: Shit from me is to be considered as a exclusive meal! So where else can I serve my slave rather than on the table? After teasing him, I have him assume position under my perfect ass, and receive his perfect meal! What he misses I use a spoon to put it in his mouth! Continue reading…

Smell for toilet slave only


Girls don’t like to smell their shit. This life hack completely covers the smell of shit. Dressing slave receives a small amount of oxygen with a high concentration of the smell of shit girls. However, it is very painful when the girl sits down with all the weight and the whole load falls on the face of the slave, but the slave must endure. I was nauseous and very painful, Victoria had a lot of weight and the edges of the pot wounded my face. I again disgraced myself in front of the girls and could not swallow. Continue reading…

Repeated strangulation by female shit – Christina


Not so long ago I had a meeting with Mrs. Victoria and Christina, during which I had to eat their shit, which they were pressing on my face by their asses. The girls really liked such humiliation of slave, and they decided to repeat it again during today’s meeting. Continue reading…

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