[NTJ-009] Dogma – Ayane Shinoda – Anal Enema Injection Collapse – 1080P

There’s a interview with Ayane Shinoda. She’s wearing a cute white long sweater, pink socks and a single ponytail off to the side. She answers a bunch of questions from Tohjiro. She then gets into a doggie positions white her butt raises and 2 creepy Japanese guys come over. They are looking at her ass and get a close up to her white panties. I figure like all Tohjiro movies, he’s talking through out the video. Both of the guys get even closer and keep smelling her ass. With Tohjiro direction the action, one guy pulls off her panties and continue to sniff her butt. The guy with the rockabilly haircut starts to lick her asshole as the bald buy is talking right into Ayane ear. Some ass spreading and the guy spits on her ass. The other guy gets in on the ass eating while rockabilly pinches her nipples.
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