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Nasty Shit And – Slave Meal – UltraHD/4K






I’m going to be going away for a few days, slave, but I suppose I ought to go to the trouble of feeding you before I go, shouldn’t I? Very well then, I’ll let you grovel at my feet, and suck at my red-painted toes and as you worship me, and let you wonder what exactly I’ll bother preparing for you at the last minute. I strip out of my dress and heels as I tease, before revealing that Continue reading…

Scatqueens Berlin – Lady Domi – Slave Humiliated and Shit – Part 2 – HD-720p



Sklave erniedrigt und zugekackt. The toilet slave looks crappy. Apparently the poo is too big for him. But then someone comes up to him. Lady Domi is approaching and poops the toilet slave precisely in his mouth. The sausage is firm to the bite. The tip looks far out of its mouth. Then the command comes and he starts chewing. That’s the way it has to be. And swallow nice, toilet pig. Continue reading…

Scatha’s QueenDom – Thinking what smartphone will buy my slave for me while I shit in his mouth



Hey piggies, I’m back! Here you have the first clip of a lot of I will go uploading. I have a toilet on the main floor , but I wanted to have a little gesture with my asshole shit- eater and I taked a creamy shit in his mouth while I’m reading a smartphones magazine Continue reading…

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