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Wet Set Scat – Aleisha And The Sitter! (2018/HD/720p)

Wet Set Scat – Aleisha And The Sitter! (2018/HD/720p)

When Danni arrives for a new babysitting job which was arranged by phone the day before, she is confused that the “baby” she’s supposed to look after seems to be quite a lot older than she was expecting. When Aleisha gives Danni a note written by her Mom, she is shocked to read that part of the job includes putting her in diapers!

Suspecting maybe some kind of practical joke or possibly that Aleisha herself arranged the whole thing, Danni calls the number on the note, only to be reassured by Aleisha’s Mom that she does indeed need a babysitter and since she isn’t yet potty trained also needs to be diapered!

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