Monthly Archives: May 2020

Tina Amazon – Peanut Butter Cookie Shit Sandwich – HD-1080p


Watch me prepare you a special treat. I got you some yummy peanut butter cookies but it’s missing chocolate. So I shit out some of my delicious chocolate so I can make you some extra yummy peanut butter and chocolate cookie sandwiches. Continue reading…

Tina Amazon – Heels Black Dress Worship Bedroom Piss And Poop – Full-HD-1080p


Showing off my supermodel body wearing a sexy black dress and heels telling you to worship me and my perfect shit. I piss into a glass for you and then take a big shit for you to eat. Continue reading…

Tina Amazon – Fucking My Dirty Ass After A Huge Shit – Full-HD-1080p


I’m feeling super sexy and really horny in my white thigh high socks and pink panties. After showing off my perfect ass I lay back on the floor and take a huge shit on my cock toy and floor. Then I take your cock and fuck my tight dirty asshole until I cum all over you. Continue reading…

Mistress Gaia – Who’s the best shit-eater? – HD-1080p


Today I’m testing this two toilet slaves: one is my old personal slave, the other one is a slave that has recently completed his training. I want to put them in competition: the winner will receive a prize and, above all, will be appointed as my personal toilet. All my slaves are always under scrutiny; they always need to perform at the maximum level, otherwise they will be replaced and discarded Continue reading…

Mistress Gaia – Whipping scat treat – HD-720p


CUSTOM REQUEST – A male slave is kneeling on the floor when you enter the room. He greets you by licking your black high-heel boots thoroughly. You make him turnaround and tightly tie his arms behind his back. After some face slaps you defecate onto a plate and hold the plate under the slave’s nose to inhale the flavour of your caviar. With your gloved hand you take some of your caviar and put it into Continue reading…

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