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Extreme Scat Shit Kisses Party With 4 Girls – SG-Video – FullHD-1080p






Release Year: 2020
Video language: English
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Mistress Jennifer Carter – Ladies Room 15 meters left! Full-HD 1080p


Mistress Carter walks with her dog, through a small forest near Berlin, when she feels uneasy! Light stomach cramps and the urge to visit a toilet as quickly as possible, overtake when the mistress suddenly discovered a sign! “Ladies room” 15 meters in the left direction, sounds like the saving salvation of your predicament! Immediately, Mistress Carter rushes to the said quiet village, when she discovers a slightly confused naked man! As it seems, here in the woods a slavery is a living toilet! Continue reading…

Mistress Mystique – Brown Birthday Cake – HD-720p


I was doing real time sessions in Atlanta for the day and this toilet contacted Me with the sweetest birthday wish; My shit as his birthday cake. Seeing as I had just had some Indian food, it was the perfect consistency to fill his mouth. Yum! Continue reading…

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