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MiaRoxxx – The ULTIMATE MIAROXXX experience *Remastered!* (scatshop $12.99)FullHD






Release Year: 2020
Video language: English
Genre: Efro, Groups/Couples, Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing

Description:A many years fan and customer of mine got the ultimate experience: Mia Roxx live! But he was too sexy to just let him watch me pooping. I can’t get my fingers off him. So I sucked his nice cock, ride him slowly and pushed one of my famous turds on him. If you can call scatfuck romantic, THIS is IT! Continue reading…

[SL-119] Office Hidden Cam Office Lady Scat Record 4 New Employees Uneasy Restroom Experience Next to Office Kitchen


A group of Japanese girls went to the toilet and poop while sitting on the cubicle. Some of the defecation are watery (diarrhea), some of which are harder to poop (constipation). It also consists of them peeing while pooping. Once they are done, they wiped their asses with tissues and the scene shows the next woman. Videos are split screen of the women and from inside the bowl – views of women’s backs, facial expressions and pooping of feces from anuses. Continue reading…

Scatshop – CandieCane: Pee and Poop — A Trial Experience with Puppy Pads!


This was my first time ever pooping in my own home! I had bought some puppy pads and wanted to try them out! I was worried that because I pee SO much, that the pad would not properly absorb it all! But I tried it out anyways, but put two down just to be safe LOL! I chat with you for a bit and then turn around, on my knees, with my ass facing you. You can see the poop peaking out as my asshole spreads open, but it just sit there, as my asshole stays wide open. All of the sudden pee starts squirting out of my hairy pussy! I swivel my hips around as the pee splashes all over the puppy pad! All I was thinking was, “I hope my carpet isn’t covered in pee when I lift up this puppy pad!” Lol! Finally once all of the pee has been released, I am now ready to poop! I pull my arm up and grab my butt cheeks with both of my hands and start to push. Continue reading…