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Up To The Last Bit (Mistress Gaia) Full-HD-1080p






Release Year: 2020
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing

My personal slave is lying on the floor, ready to serve me as a full toilet. As appetizer, I order him to lick the dirty soles of my shoes. Then it’s the turn of my pee. I put a funnel in his mouth and I let it go. As usual, it’s a lot, almost a liter of pee and, being the first in the morning, it’s yellow and tasty. It’s not easy to keep up with such a huge flow, even for a good pee drinker like him; he tries to swallows as fast as possible but, nevertheless, the funnel fills up, causing a small spillover. Continue reading…