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Brat Princess – Lola – Hostage Given a Sisyphean Task to Freedom – HD-1080p


It’s perhaps obvious that this toilet has been held in captivity for some months during its training. I decided to bring it up from the basement to make a proposal. I offered to allow the slave a few hours outside in the sunlight. The conditions were: the slave must promise to return; the slave must complete a task for Me first. This was an opportunity for the slave to prove its devotion. Continue reading…

[Brat Princess] Lola – Weekend Full Toilet Slave – Day 2 of 3 – Full-HD-1080p


This clip is the second in the series, “Weekend Full Toilet Slave.” In this clip, the slave is used for both piss and shit. The piss is shown from two camera angles. Both Angles are shown consecutively, then in a stacked picture in picture window. The shit is shown from three camera angles: front, back and going into the slave from above. The three camera angles are also shown consecutively, then in a split screen window. The shit section of this clip includes some written narration. Continue reading…

[Brat Princess] Lola – Weekend Full Toilet Slave – Day 1 of 3 – Full-HD-1080p


This clip shows both the piss and shit segments from two different angles. Both angles are shown consecutively. After the two camera angles are shown consecutively, you have a stacked view where the angles are shown in a picture in picture window. (25:11 long) Continue reading…