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Scat Movie World — Dinner on the street SD

Our dirty cur does still not know, how to pamper Miss Jane and me with a
nice cake. As a reminder we just crushed his meal on the street, peed in
his dirty mouth and then let him slurp up all the rest from the concrete,
while we kicked his balls repeatedly. Our cur has to improve – but anyway
we will use his mouth as toilet. Continue reading…

Scat Movie World — Dinner for an englishman SD

Miss Jane called me and said, she has somehting from London brought
with her and fixed it in the studio for immediate use! She has a loser from
London there, ready to suffer our games. For the beginning, I used him as
toilet. He received a nice pile of scat and pee from me. To motivate him in
swallowing all, I rammed my high heel deep into his ass! (scat,
gee, boot worship, spitting, female, femdom, domination, whipping, toilet Continue reading…

Scat Movie World – Resistance is futile SD

Thus a slave neatly swallows our excreta, it is sometimes a long way. To shorten this, we have our unruly pig fixed, so that it cannot oppose. Otherwise he would perhaps try to crawl away, would writhe and use his hands to ward off. I would have to punish him hardly to break his will. This is also funny, but too tiring. So I shit in his mouth, spit and piss, Miss Cherie also uses his face as a full toilet. After some time such a slave works as desired. It is beautiful to suffer a few days in this position, then it will work better on its next use. It’s that simple. Continue reading…

Scat Movie World – Open mouth is allowed to eat shit SD

I’m with Cherie in the studio, as she asks me for a suitable toilet slave to shit in as she needs to go very urgently. Of course I got her a suitable toilet-pig. Whether or not it completely swallows the huge sausages and the piss of Miss Cherie under our supervision you can see in this video.

The slave gets shit in his mouth and has his ass caned by two dominaes Continue reading…