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Tina Amazon – Thigh Highs Shit In My Mouth – 1080p


Wearing sexy thigh high socks I tease then take a a big shit on the floor and my toy. With lots of dirty talk I suck my dirty toy while using my hitachi. I fill my mouth with my dirty smelly shit as I cum like a filthy slut. It ends with me dipping a strawberry in my shit and tasting it. Continue reading…

Christina powerfully shit in my mouth after activated carbon tablets – HD-720p


Christina decided to clean the body of toxins, and I had to swallow everything that would come out of it after that. The taste of her shit was very unusual and it was harder to swallow than usual, but Christina made me swallow it all! Continue reading…

[ScatShop HD]My Mouth Is a Chic Female Toilet! Full-HD1080p


My mouth is a chic female toilet! Today Mrs. Victoria and Christina took me for a walk along the river embankment.Girls have a very big fantasy. They can arrange for themselves entertainment with a slave in a variety of situations. Walking a few days ago, they noticed a fallen tree. The first thing they thought about was why not use this tree for training and punishment of the slave. Continue reading…