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EE-305 – Obscene defecation: girls undressing and pooping completely naked with wide opened legs HD-1080p



It seems that even the ordinary women who take care of themselves on a daily basis, sometimes do unordinary things that can be called “unusual excretion”. They are entering the toilet and boldly removing their lower body clothes, or getting completely naked to enjoy the freedom of naked excretion. If you will stretch your legs and distort your face, you can make a pretty thick feces that doesn’t expected from a pretty woman. Just imagine a sexy woman slowly taking off her dress and then sitting on a toilet with tide opened crotch… There is also a lovely woman with diarrhea stool! It is certain that you can get accustomed to this gap of casual excretions, but EE-305 is and awesome exception. Closeup and multiangle naked japanese girls shitting and pissing in toilets and on the floor. Asses and huge piles in voyeur, POV and multi angle views. Including high heels, overknee boots – no sex. Continue reading…