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VRXS-086 — Scat Shit 2 Drama Initiation Of Puberty SD


This JAV starts with a guy and a girl during a hot day. It appears as if the girl is tutoring the guy as she marks his English test in which he fails dismally. They then start to eat some watermelon. It looks like a delicious melon and for a while I forgot I was watching JAV as all I wanted to eat was the melon.

At 8:48 we cut to a scene at night time. It’s a different girl this time but with the same guy. As you do, the two are lighting some fireworks outside on the porch. Then, for no reason, the girl removes her underpants and pees. The guy then stands up and also pees. The two rudely get interrupted by someone else so they stop for the night but not before making a promise to each other. Continue reading…