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Shopping and Shitting Femdom scat on the Toilet mouth – Full HD-1080p






Release Year: 2020
Video language: English
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Diabolic Sigal – Janet – Eat my shit and thank me HD-1080p


I know how much you wanted to be here, on the craziest adventure you could ever have and fulfilling your greatest wish, serving as my toilet slave, swallowing all my precious shit like a toilet flush, that was one more custom request from an admirer, I arrived and my toilet slave Continue reading…

My tongue worked hard for 1000 percent today – Reencode – FullHD-1080p


was surprised, but Victoria allowed her to do cunnilingus before feeding. I tried to lick with all my might so that Victoria would enjoy, but I knew that after cunnilingus, I would also need to eat a large pile of hard shit. After this session, my tongue burned. Even the next morning, my tongue burned when Continue reading…

Lick the shit from my foot – Reencode – FullHD-1080p


How hard is the slave’s life. Recently I was visiting Mrs. Christina and Victoria, and they brutally beat me with a whip. But it seems they liked to admire my streaked back. So this time, my visit to them began with the fact that they again took a whip. One Mistress was beating, and at the same time I had to look into the eyes of other Mistress and endure. The Mistresses compensated my patience by allowing me to admire their magnificent bodies, beautiful breasts. But most importantly, they allowed me to lick their feet. Licking feet of girls is one of the best things a slave is allowed to do. Continue reading…

Im tired i need a new slave – Reencode – FullHD-1080p


This morning I didn’t want to swallow shit at all, but the girls want to work and in a few hours they will come to me and will rape me. I call the toilet slaves, but they refused, Mark did not pick up the phone, and Vitaly left for the village. I was very scared, but you can’t refuse – this is work and I have to swallow their shit!
I met girls in nature, not far from the road. They were in a good mood, they had fun and joked, but I was afraid, today I was not ready for it. Continue reading…