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Please stop 3 – New slave Ted – Reencode – HD-720p


His name is Ted and he is only 21 years old. This fascination has haunted him since 7 years! Today his dream came true. He was very worthy, but for him it was very difficult. Several times he begged to stop, but the girls sold out .. The girls felt sorry for him because he was young and handsome, they called him their puppy. After the session, he told me – ”I did not think it would be so disgusting!”. Continue reading…

4 Powerful female portions (Reencode) – HD-720p


This time the girls prepared very cool! Our toilet slave has not served the girls for a long time and was very hungry. He very quickly ate their heaps, the girls were surprised and satisfied with the comfortable toilet! The room was small and the smell was very strong, especially after Christina, since she was the first. PS New HD Camera! Continue reading…