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Tina Amazon – Green Shorts Super Hard Turd Close Up – 4K-2160p


Teasing in short little shorts with lots of dirty talk. Come eat the shit out of my ass. Close up view of me pushing out a super hard turd out of my swollen asshole. Continue reading…

Tina Amazon – Naughty Nun Shit Smear and Swallow – HD-1080p


I’m a very naughty and dirty nun. I get so horny when I have to shit. Watch me strip and then spread my ass cheeks and take a big shit. I love getting dirty so I rub my stinky shit all over my sexy ass. Then I take my shit and smear a cross over my big tits and some on my mouth. To show you how naughty I really I am I take a big chunk of my shit and chew and swallow it. Watch me struggle as I chew and gag until I have swallowed the big chunk down. Continue reading…

Tina Amazon – Office slut pushes out big thick shit – HD-1080p



I’m a secret dirty office slut. I love holding my shit in all day at work then coming home and shitting for you. Wearing my work outfit and glasses I tease then lay back on the floor and push out a huge thick stinky shit. Continue reading…