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Poo19 – Smelly Milana – Sweet shit from Mistress Karina Full HD






I have not seen Mistress Karina for a very long time. And I really missed her. My joy knew no bounds when she called me today and invited me to serve her as a toiletslave. Karina is a very tall and beautiful girl and I enjoy serving her. When I arrived, she assigned me a place in the bathroom where I had to wait when she needed service. Karina had a very heavy meal yesterday, and I was sure that she would need my mouth to fill it with fragrant shit. Finally, she called me into her room. In a pleasant atmosphere, Continue reading…

3 unimaginably sweet girls! And me – 1080p


Today I met again with my favorite girls Christina, Yana and Karina. I love meeting girls after the weekend – these days they are relaxing with their boyfriends, eating a lot of different foods, visiting a restaurant or visiting their parents! Today I asked the girls to put on sportswear – as if students are using me after a gym class! Continue reading…

Hard contact with sweet ass Christina – HD-720p


Christina dances and shakes her ass. Her ass is filled with a smelly shit – Christina has long teprela and now rejoices that she can unload all her shit and experience relief! And I was happy that Christina had prepared for me another dish of three-day aging and now I can feel its sweet smell and delicious taste! Continue reading…

[SL-05] Hidden Camera, Wiping Sweet Poop 1


A group of Japanese girls went to the toilet and poop while sitting or squatting on the cubicle or shit on the floor (grass). Some of the defecation are watery (diarrhea), some of which are harder to poop (constipation). It also consists of them peeing while pooping. Once they are done, they wiped their asses with tissues and the scene shows the next woman. Videos are split screen of the women and from inside the bowl – views of facial expressions and pooping of feces from anuses. Continue reading…