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My Ass Poops & Swallows My Biggest Plug Ever 4K-2160p






I fart and rub my tummy–I’m really bursting to piss and shit babe, I need to let go after a long day of work… and then, after my holes are clear, I wanna have a little fun and test my limits… push my tight little ass further than ever before <3 I strip tease and then piss all over the floor…. and groundhod my huge turd over and over and over again, sucking it back into my hole before pushing it out, over and over again…then finally puuuusssh that thick poop out my ass and onto the floor as well Continue reading…

Mistress Gaia – Human toilet & friend – SD


Today an old school mate of mine came to visit me. I have not met him for many years and he is amazed ty see that I have a full time slave at my service. He was even more surprised when I tell him that my slave is also my human toilet; he can’t believe that, therefore, I’m going to give him a live demostration. Continue reading…

Mistress Gaia – My Portable Urinal – Full-HD-1080p


Today I wish to introduce you my portable toilet slave or, better, my portable urinal, since he has not completed his training as full toilet yet. Look, I open the lid and the urinal is ready. I don’t want to soil the floor, therefore, I decide to pee in steps, so that he can swallow everything without Continue reading…