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LoveRachelle2 – MASSIVE Dump Toilet Training [$14.99] UltraHD/4K






Release Year: 2021
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing

Description:I birth an absolutely MASSIVE shit on a fancy plate for you babe, and tell you how to savor my entire load, piece by piece. You’ll love my detailed close-ups, the beautiful varied textures and the unique bi-colored features of this EPIC load. You are going to absolutely fall in LOVE with my shit.


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Dinner At Step-Moms – LoveRachelle2 (scatshop) UltraHD/4K






Release Year: 2020
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing

Description:You and your new step mom are alone at home during your break from college, and she wants you both to get closer at last, like a real family. She wants to show you what to eat for dinner from now on whenever you’re in her household. She makes you a hot delicious shit dinner! You can’t believe your luck. You’re a bit intimidated, but she’s ready to walk you through the whole process. She tells you how to open wide and put your mouth very close to her asshole, so you won’t waste/drop any of your new step-mom’s food. She pushes hard until your cheeks are expanding and your mouth is completely stuffed and overflowing with her hot, sticky delicious chocolate cream! Continue reading…

CUCKS Don’t GET Ass…They Only Get SHIT (scatshop) LoveRachelle2 UltraHD/4K






Release Year: 2020
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing

Description:“I have a cuckold fetish, and come home with you having just had sex with your lover, he just left before I arrived. You describe to me how good the sex you had was with graphic, humiliating detail, reminding me that my tiny pathetic dick could never satisfy you and that despite being your husband, I’m not enough of a man to ever have sexual intercourse with you, never have been, and never will be. A sham marriage where you just use me for my money. Continue reading…

LoveRachelle2 – Stinky Tutor! (ScatShop $11.99) FullHD





Release Year: 2020
Video language: English
Genre: Desperation, Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Toilet Slavery

Description:Script: “You’ll be my after class tutor who wears a mini skirt and never any panties. You didn’t have time to go to the bathroom before our private lesson and can’t hold any longer. You take a shit standing up with ass facing toward me just onto a plate on the floor. You’re embarrassed at first but realize I was turned on by your shit. You bring that hot turd toward me already tell me to smell and lick that nasty shit. If you could describe the smell too and reveal your breasts here too. You don’t think that’s bad enough for a nasty perv like me though. You smear that shit on your ass and tell me to eat until you’re clean getting nice closeups of your dirty ass.” Continue reading…

LoveRachelle2 – Butt Play & Shit On A Plate (ScatShop $10.99)UltraHD/4K






Release Year: 2020
Video language: English
Genre: Poop Videos, Toilet Slavery

Description:I’m so excited! I can’t wait to shit out a meal for you I had to plug up my booty hole with a fun butt plug just to keep it in long enough to see you! After enjoying the sensation of my asshole feeling so full, I poop out my naughty plug-tail and a load of super stinky shit just for you! I tell you how to enjoy your meal, as I continue to enjoy myself Cum when I do, shit-eater! Continue reading…