Alice is Tatyana’s slave. Archive 00000 Alice is Tatyana’s slave. Archive 00001 Alice is Tatyana’s slave. Archive 00002 Alice is Tatyana’s slave. Archive 00003Alice is Tatyana’s slave. Archive.ScrinList
Hello friends. Our archived video showing Tatiana dominating Alice. Alice’s complete obedience, she does not object to Tatiana at all, and Tatiana does whatever she wants with Alice today. At the beginning, the girls lie on the sofa, Alice tied with ropes. Tatyana really likes this state of affairs))) Tatyana takes a rubber dildo and roughly fucks Alice in anal. Alice groans, but Tatyana does not pay attention, gets even more excited and pulls Alice to the floor. Tatyana continues to fuck Alice’s anal very hard, so that the dildo goes very deep and gets to the shit, but Tatyana does not stop and continues to fuck Alice. Then she puts Alice on the floor with cancer and poops on her tailbone. He takes the shit with his hands and smearing the shit on the anus makes Alice fisting with his hand. She enters Alice with a dirty hand and wants Alice to come. Then Tatyana puts her dirty fisting hands in Alice’s mouth. Alice resists but gets slapped. Tatiana sticks her dirty fingers into Alice’s mouth so deep that Alice vomits on the floor. Tatyana got very angry and dipped Alice’s face in her vomit. A chic show of domination of one lesbian over another. You must have this video in your collection.
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Name: Alice is Tatyana’s slave. Archive.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:12:06
File size : 2.22 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080

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