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You’re just chilling on your couch, reading a really interesting book. Then I come in the room, naked and wet from the shower. Actually not just from the shower… I’m totally dripping from horniness! Again! I need to cum and I want you to play with. I’m so hungry for your dick. My clit is pulsing and throbbing with orgasmic desire. I crawl over you, seducing you, begging for you to touch me. We’ve had so much sex the past days that you’re actually really tired. I’m simply too horny so I go for your dick, playing with you, touching, licking and sucking in my irresistible way. You get hard though you’re just too tired and passive to do something. I’m desperate for a massive orgasm though and I won’t let you off the hook til I have one! I start grinding my pussy against your hard dick, moaning and squirming with pleasure.

I tell you how desperately I need to shit and that this is why I’m so urgently helplessly horny. I feel a HUGE utterly massive log stuck in my butthole and that feels sooo amazing. It feels like you’re fucking me in the ass with the biggest erection you could possibly have. No wonder I’m dripping… You start to feel a little bit worried. You are getting quite familiar with all my smelly antics by now… I start humping you reverse cowgirl which is always a major turn on for you. However as you touch and massage my ass you suddenly see the head of a MASSIVE log poking out. You plead for me to visit the toilet but I’m simply overtaken by horniness. I can’t stop humping you even while the massive log is slowly making it’s way out. I feel falsely confident that I can hold it for a little while longer. Mad with lust I grind, moan, breathe and squirm in the throes of orgasmic ecstacy. It becomes impossible to control my bowels. You see my asshole stretch wide as seriously enormous load of thick hard girthy poop is pushed out, right on your chest! This only makes me more horny of course and I grind my pussy harder against you. The poop is smeared on my asscheeks as I keep rubbing myself against you. The smell is overwhelmingly strong, driving me rapidly towards orgasm. The whole room is being saturated with the potent pungent odour of my poop and you’re worried the neighbours will smell too. I comment on how amazingly stinky it is and how you should enjoy the smell too. Then I completely lose myself in an insanely powerful shaking orgasm, loudly moaning, trembling and quivering. FUCK that was good!! I deeply admire the gigantic monstrous load I laid on your chest. I inhale deeply many times, moaning and commenting on the amazing smell. I look at the massive load up close with you. I know this secretly turns you on so much! I’m more than happy to unlock the fetish of my lovers, it’s my pleasure.

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