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Dump And Panty Play 4K






These panties SMELL, baby. 3 days wear, and but it’s all the mileage. These are *heavily* worn, sweated in, used to wipe my pee and have been rubbed into my swampy, summer ass, and played in. They smell so much, that when I stand up in public, I can smell them. Nuts! I wanna finish myself off in them before I give them to you, but first I wanna… clear my holes a bit, before I can continue my fun 😉 I poop right on my futon and ask you to take it–enjoy my poop, while I enjoy myself, babe!
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Cumming To The Taste Of My Shit 4K






In my last vid, “OMG! You Made Me POOP My PANTIES!” I filled my cute white fullbacks with a load of my hot rich chocolate. After I turned the camera off and had a proper look inside, and smelled the load, I couldn’t resist turning the camera back on… and let you guys watch me have a little fun 😉 As many of you already know, I *only* taste my shit when I’m in the mood! Continue reading…

Scatshop – Tina Amazon – After work pink blouse big shit UltraHD – 4K 2160p


Tina is dressed in office clothes, teases a little, taking dirty about shitting in your mouth. She lifts her skirt and shows her perfect ass then she takes a big firm shit into a plastic bowl, showing a close-up with it. Continue reading…