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A middle-aged man who can’t get up and can’t get enough of the severance pay after being laid off from the company he worked for half a year ago, Murakami is a three-line advertisement in the sports newspaper. Registered with a dubious temporary staffing center called ‘Servant Bank’ found in .
One day, Murakami was stunned when he was called by a woman at the office and told about the details of the job. The content was that Naomi Asano, an idol-like, popular female announcer, lived in an apartment as a slave. The reward is a half-year contract of 1 million a month, and Murakami, who has too much fun and has debts on his salary, is so excited that he has no choice but torefuse But he was naive. He was put on a collar by a female clerk and went to Naomi Asano ‘s residence. Murakami tried to escape, perhaps feeling the danger for his own life, but it was too late.
Contrary to the idol face of her news program, female announcer Asano has transformed into a ruthless true S woman in her white house. Perhaps due to the stress of work and menstruation, Murakami, who was discovered to have escaped, was trampled with heels until there was a hole, and was beaten with a whip until his body was shredded. And he is made to suck menstruation and is made to lick the dirty part and serve. But Murakami’s work didn’t end there. One time his face was turned into a piano chair, Local service that is made to spit on the pseudo penis when it is … What is more terrifying than anything else is that urination and feces The crying Murakami was given special training to become a complete toilet.
Actors:Yapoo’s Market
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https://takefile.link/jv8qaz3ekim3/YM-18.part1.rar.html?referer=scatbb.com – Part1
https://takefile.link/e978zjvugefm/YM-18.part2.rar.html?referer=scatbb.com – Part2
https://takefile.link/mwt2k4mf6oa1/YM-18.part3.rar.html?referer=scatbb.com – Part3

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