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I am sex slave abby, collared by my Master of two years owned now. My kink is compersion, submission in sexuality involving the kinks of others under the directions of Master.
One of his many fetishes is taboo. This is all the fetishes that are not OK to post on a general porn site like poo, pee, puke, period play and a few other unmentionables.

AbigailDupree - A Shitty Break-Up.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Anal Fisting Ass To Mouth Gagging And Vomit.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Anal Painting By Abigail Dupree.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Beet Poop In White Stockings.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Big Anal Toys In A Perfect Ass.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Constipated A Week Enema White Panties.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Erotic Fro Piss Scat Foot Smear.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Foot Fetish Pantyhoes Obsession.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Huge Turd Smash In Plastic Panties.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Huge Turd Smash In White Leggings.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Lilu Dallas Efro Piss And Shit.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Little Girl Poops Her Plastic Panties.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Messy Three Day Scat Enemas And Piss Drinking - Abigail Dupree.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Mistress In Jeans Shits On You.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Multiple Inverted Milk And Water Enemas - Part 1.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Multiple Inverted Milk And Water Enemas - Part 2.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Naughty Nurse Role Play - Part 1.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Naughty Nurse Role Play - Part 2.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Redbull Can Up Her Ass.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Scat Slut Smears Her Meat Poop All Over Her Tits.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Shit On My Back And Multiple Dirty Enemas.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Slave Life - Allowed To Pee.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Stubborn Turd Removal Smearing And Enema.ScrinListAbigailDupree - The Itch That Is Never Scratched - Part 1.ScrinListAbigailDupree - Toilet Banned Compilation Desperate Wetting And Poop.ScrinListAbigailDupree - You’ve Created This Poop Fiend.ScrinList

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