ArtofScat – Blondie’s Balcony Buffet. 00000 ArtofScat – Blondie’s Balcony Buffet. 00001 ArtofScat – Blondie’s Balcony Buffet. 00002 ArtofScat – Blondie’s Balcony Buffet. 00003ArtofScat – Blondie’s Balcony Buffet..ScrinList
The super-hot, ultra-fit QS is soaking up some rays on a rooftop terrace when things get wild! She starts by working those glutes as she pushes out a massive poop, followed by a goopy flow of lady juice that gets mixed up with the stinker. Then, she takes things to the next level by slathering her face with the messy mixture before digging into it with her teeth and savoring each bite like it’s filet mignon. After getting a good chow down, she works her way back up to O Town with a buzzer that has her quivering with pleasure. Once she’s satisfied, she spreads the leftovers all over her privates and plays with her whopper clit until she’s coated from head to toe in foul funk. This chick knows how to party!
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Name: ArtofScat – Blondie’s Balcony Buffet..mp4
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