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This movie is a compilation of scenes of mothers molesting their daughters:
Scene 1:
The mother seduces the daughter and ends up sitting on her face. Eventually the daughter begins to eat her out and the mother shits on her face and smears it using her ass.
Scene 2:
The daughter is masturbating to porn on a laptop. The mom catches her in the act and ties her up with rope. The mother then molests and partially strips her before taking a shit on the daughter’s stomach. The mother then smears the poop on the daughter, then strips and applies some to herself. The mom then fingers the daughter before masturbating herself using her daughter’s leg. The scene finishes with them scissoring to orgasm.
Scene 3:
The daughter is distraught on a couch when the mother comes over and begins stripping/molesting her. The mother then strips and takes a shit on the daughter and smears it over the daughter and herself before molesting the daughter further. The mother then gets the daughter to take a shit on her, and they make out again before the scene ends
Scene 4:
The daughter finds her mom’s shit stained panties and sniffs them while masturbating when the mom catches her. The daughter then assaults her mom, making out with her. The daughter then gives her mom an enema and rims her before giving herself an enema before getting on top of her mom and rubbing their vaginas together. Eventually the mother defecates, and the daughter masturbates while squatting over her mom’s poop as the mom creates another pile.


Name: BRM-017
Permission: SD
Duration: 01:45:38
File size : 1.41 GB
Resolution : 704 @ 404
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