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Smoking Redd Does It All!! The evolution of this FUNKY lady over the past year has been nothing short of Amazing!! She reminded me last week made 1 year since she and I spoke for the first time. I swear I’m getting emotional right now!! LOL In that year I have watched her evolve into argubably the best performer in this store!!! She’s definitely one of my 3 most popular as of today – no debate!! When she began last July, she was so nervous – she didn’t want anyone to see her tattoos – let alone her face and full body!! Y’all don’t know the process it takes to get some of these Ladies to Keep It FUNKY for real!!! Quickly she got over her fear of being identified, and by her 3rd clip she was even willing to take off her shades and show her face. Within no time – she was busting it wide open!! Now not only she is down for damn near whatever, she’s even recruited HER OWN MAMA to join in the fun!! Anyways Smoking Redd is out to showcase just how many ways She Keeps It FUNKY is this nice mix of peeing, farting, twerking, and a lil diarrhea!! She begins rushing into the bathroom to take a quick pee. She didn’t get her panties off fast enough, as she soiled them and got them all wet!! After all that, she returns later to the bathroom with a little gas. Enjoy as she twerks and farts in her bathroom mirror. I swear PINK was made Just for her!! They way those boyshorts are fitting on her ass is nothing short of awe inspiring!! She closes with two clips at work. She comes to the bathroom with a little gas, she begins with a few toilet farts. No luck. She comes back a few minutes later and lets off her bubbleguts POV style and in slow motion!! A nice Medley that shows in a nutshell why Redd is so special!

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