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Toilet Slavery 2 – Eat My Poop is the second installment of bringing you amazing Scat, Toilet Slavery between Groups/Couples of people as the ultimate in Female Domination where slaves get to serve women by eating their poop.

You get to see me bent over as he tongue fucks my perfect Goddess ass. He mentioned how much he loves licking my sweaty ass after my workout.

It wasn’t long before I told him to keep licking my ass because I want to shit in his mouth. Was a big load of multiple turds that he chewed in swallowed in perfect view for you. Like a good toilet save he licked my asshole clean afterwards.

This is the perfect poop eating video of him consuming my entire load.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Name: Toilet Slave5645656ry 2 – Eat My Poop.mp4
Permission: HD
Duration: 00:16:19
File size : 103 MB
Resolution : 1280 @ 720

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