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I’m in a yoga ashram in India. The food is so different that my body has a tough time adjusting. There’s so much fiber and beans that I’m gassy ALL the time and I get constipated a lot. On this day I didn’t poop for two days, while eating a lot of fiber rich foods. The result is breathtakingly enormous. I got hit with a desperate urgency to release my massive poop and quickly ran to my room, away from the teachers and gurus. I’m barely able to hold in my poop before pulling my pants down, my ass visibly dirty even before I manage to sit down on the toilet. The log is so thick and huge, the anal stretching feels like an orgasm. I moan and breathe as I birth this gigantic heavy thick solid warm smelly log.

I can’t help but smell it. It smells amazing, with so much distinct aromas! I describe the odour in detail, recognizing fragrances from my meals the past days. I feel naughty so I don’t wipe and lift up my pants. If only the teachers would know what I’m secretly up to here…

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