[Lila] Shit on a Plate [1080p] 00000 [Lila] Shit on a Plate [1080p] 00001 [Lila] Shit on a Plate [1080p] 00002[Lila] Shit on a Plate [1080p] 00003 [Lila] Shit on a Plate [1080p] 00004

Don’t scroll down to watch thumbnails unless you want to watch a man literally eat shit from a plate. I kept the gifs civil.

In this video, Lila a French woman, shows her sexy body to the camera. She lets a guy lick her asshole and pussy. Then she takes a large shit on plate. Standing she pisses in the guys mouth while he drinks it and licks her cunt. After, she lets the guy lick her dirty asshole clean. She picks up the plate of shit and while talking sweet words in French she encourage the guy to eat it. He starts eating it, but gags a little. The girl tells him to continue eating, in a bit less sweet tone. After that it’s basically full shots of the guy eating her shit with his bare hands and her standing next to him.

[Lila] Shit on a Plate [1080p].ScrinList

Name: [Lila] Shit on a Plate [1080p]
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:10:03
File size : 1.44 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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