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Lena and Lou play with each other’s pussies for a bit
Lena sucks the cameraman off and drinks his warm piss
Lena has an enema and shits onto a tray
The cameraman pisses onto Lena and fucks her doggystyle for a bit.
Lou smears some shit on Lena’s asscheeks before some more doggy

Lena then fucks Lou reverse cowgirl with a shitty strapon and Lou licks it all off.
Lena toys with Lou’s ass for a little while she shits into a tray

They finish off with some shit smearing and some kissing.

A Lesson for Lena.ScrinList

Name: A Lesson for Lena
Permission: SD
Duration: 01:33:15
File size : 1.76 GB
Resolution : 624 @ 464



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