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New SUMMER 2022 Series. Episode 5
I have big shit for you slave, it is long Chorizo shit and you will eat it all. I will make sure that you will eat it.. You don’t have a choice! First my piss and after that, I will fill your mouth with this big chorizo!
It is Day5 of your new diet plan! I am strict and as I said you will eat healthy food .. haha shit eater.

New SUMMER 2022 Series. Episode 6
No Mercy ! I have a huge log and you will have to take it and swallow it! yes this 10-inch rope will go in your mouth and when its full, on your face! But there will be no mercy for you shit eater! I will foorce this big pile of shit in your mouth and whip you until you swallow and keep all of it down! Day6 of eating my shit and the end is not even close! Better get use to that, coz this will be the only food you will get , oh and my piss too. OPEN!
If you want to replace him and try his diet write me slave!

New SUMMER 2022 Series. Episode 7
OMG, I can’t hold it anymore .. I hold my shit for 3 days it’s so much … My slave is ready to eat he is hungry it is his day 7 of eating my shit. But this time my shit is huge, 3 portions, first is a hard big fat chunk of shit and when he swallows I push another big turd with a long tail of creamy shit after it. He can’t take so much I know.. he swallows everything but I have more… diarrhoea for dessert and he can’t take it I know… So I am using my spoon to push all the shit in his throw… and when he swallo all he VOMIT … haha
– It is too much Goddess! Please!

New SUMMER 2022 Series. Episode 8 Last video for 2022 and the last video of this Series.
I am with a headache and pain in my belly this morning! I ate spicy food with Jalapeno yesterday and now I have to release this hot SHIT. Slave if I have pain you should have double! You will take my huge log in your mouth! My turd intruded into his mouth, it is a big, fat, yellow snake and I know it’s spicy… But to be sure I add some Jalapeno directly on the top of my shit while he is eating! Its so hot that he can’t keep it down! It’s burning his throw and he vomits… I am gonna make him eat again from the floor and will punish this pig!

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