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We hasten to please you in our team there is another new girl Tatiana, we hope that she, too, you will love and will become as popular as we do . Alice decided to play a little with Tatiana, the girls undressed as the clothes they did not need, then Tatiana lay on her back and Alice asked to place the legs of Tatiana and began to caress her pussy with her tongue, after that Alice sat on top of Tatiana and a little jumped on her as a rider on a horse imitating sex , but then Alice wanted to toilet and Alice only presented her ass, and relaxed her and used , a big pile of shit out of the Asses of Alice and then Alice got off of Tatiana and began to smear shit on the naked body of Tatiana , body-Thani all in the shit , girls change places and now Alice is lying on her back and Tatyana caresses Alice between his legs with her tongue , Tatiana also sits on the Alice on top of some rides him like a cowgirl on a horse and after that Tatiana relaxes her anus and shits on her friend , but this is the first experience of Tatiana when she pees and poop on the video camera , after Tatiana used Alice’s body as her own toilet , Tanya smears shit on Alice’s naked body . Tanya and Alice’s girls are all in shit, but they liked it .
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