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First scene is watching a girl go to the toilet from a hidden camera perspective, she notices the camera. The next scene is in a jail type setting, where the girl spits and pisses on you.
The next scene is from the perspective of inside a toilet, and three girls spit, piss, vomit down onto you.
The third scene is similar, but just one girl, who spits, pisses, vomits and shits onto you in the toilet.
Translated official summary:

“Become my urinal, my brother.” As a punishment for looking into the toilet of my sister [Kanon], you who have become a human urinal just live by squeezing the body fluid squeezed from her flesh hole. For you, saliva, gero, and excrement are not “excretion” but “meal”. Played with by her sister’s friend [Momochi & Rino], she swallows every drop of filth that has just been excreted from her urethra and anus while feeling her body temperature and smell. 10 shots of urination, 24 shots of gero, 2 shots of poop, and the number of sputum is unmeasurable. The second ultimate experience of “bathing in body fluids” that respects the sense of distance.


Name: mrvr00002—————-1111
Permission: UltraHD 2K
Duration: 01:10:44
File size : 6.52 GB
Resolution : 4096 @ 2048—————-1111.mp4.html?—————-1111.mp4?
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