A Partial Site-Rip of recent content from Natalia Kapretti’s Scatbook involving acts including scat slavery, scat eating, scat sex, and other devious acts.

Accidentally ran into the public toilet today, really wanted to shit.ScrinListA dwarf – my new toilet bowl.ScrinListAll in shit and condensed milk, sticky games after plays in shit.ScrinListAll smeared in shit swallow mixture of urine and shit.ScrinListAngelaBRIDE AND GROOM. Maya brought groom to get acquainted.ScrinListBe dirty toilet bitch is enjoyment.ScrinListBe happy serve such an insatiable and depraved Mistress.ScrinListBe my toilet slave, I so want.ScrinListBe obedient my pretty living toilet.ScrinListBig long shit early in the morning and farting.ScrinListBig shit before going to bed.ScrinListBlissful smoke break after eating shit and urine.ScrinListBon appetit, my depraved innocence.ScrinListBreakfast of Maya, shit from ass slave.ScrinListBreakfast pancakes with shit.ScrinListChew shit, eat, now ICongratulation Maya on upcoming Holidays with plate of shit in hands.ScrinListCongratulation from Maya, Happy New Year.ScrinListCongratulations to Curtis with birthday.ScrinListCookie in form of cheerful Dick.ScrinListCum dirty slut, I want you to cum all the time.ScrinListDirty, smelly breakfast for my toilet slut.ScrinListDirty MayaDirty blowjob with fisting, my double pleasure.ScrinListDirty blowjob with fisting gives me double pleasure.ScrinListDirty breakfast shit eater Sasha.ScrinListDirty extravaganza in birthday, entertain us, toilet.ScrinListDirty fisting and oral in 69 position.ScrinListDirty slut enjoys fisting slave with shit.ScrinListDouble breakfast, shit for slave, double pleasure.ScrinListEat, chew, swallow shit, you fullish toilet.ScrinListEat fruit with shit, eat feces.ScrinListEat my shit for disobedience.ScrinListEat my shit your responsibilities, husband-toilet.ScrinListEat my tasty shit, youEat shit, today you’ll replace me toilet.ScrinListEat shit just to be fucked.ScrinListEat shit pie itEmmyEmmy likes to shit on dick.ScrinListEmmy shits and an enema.ScrinListEnjoying dirty games with my shitty slut.ScrinListEnjoying dirty sex in shit with my toilet slave girl Maya.ScrinListEnjoying eating shit is not forbidden.ScrinListEnjoy shit, it don’t fit in your mouth.ScrinListExtreme walks of my dirty girls.ScrinListFeeding Toilet shit eater.ScrinListFeeding husband shit simultaneously fisting his dirty ass.ScrinListFeeding shit, painting in red color living toilet.ScrinListFirst taste piss & shit for Kat.ScrinListFirst test of shit with latex mess.ScrinListFirst time strap-on of my new slave girl Anna.ScrinListFisting and blowjob with shit, I want feel you.ScrinListFisting and blowjob with sweet, smelly shit.ScrinListFisting slave in ass until piss himself.ScrinListFriend and Hostess have my Toilet Shit eater.ScrinListFriendly fuck in ass, creampie with bubbles.ScrinListFuck Kat in the ass with bubbles.ScrinListFuck dirty ass and washing golden shower.ScrinListFuck her ass, shake shit in mess.ScrinListFucking and sucking dick is better with shit.ScrinListFucking in ass and stretching her little hole.ScrinListFuck machine this full thrilled.ScrinListFull toilet for urine, shit, vomit and snot.ScrinListGames and blowjob with sweet shit.ScrinListGames and sex in shit all day.ScrinListGorgeous deep throating with vomit from girlfriend BBW.ScrinListGorgeous scat sex with girlfriend BBW.ScrinListHappy New Year Chicago and all my fans.ScrinListHappy New Year all, my dear. Forever yours Natalia Kapretti, Maya, Kat and Sasha.ScrinListHappy and playful eating my shit.ScrinListHard humiliation toilet slave.ScrinListHaving scat sex, enjoys shit and cums.ScrinListHealthy fruit dinner with shit.ScrinListHer intimate dreams come true.ScrinListHoliday dirty greetings from my toilet sluts.ScrinListHow I love shitting and facesitting on husband slave mouth.ScrinListHow all started step by step.ScrinListHow pleasure I eat shit on inflatable trampoline with a dick sticking out of it.ScrinListHuge pile of shit flew out of my ass.ScrinListIIIIIIIIf constipated again, letI get a lot of pleasure and jet orgasms.ScrinListI had to teach Sasha literally everything.ScrinListI peeps as Sasha washes and brushes teeth.ScrinListI push shit down your throat strapon, youI smeared dirty Kat in cow manure with my hands.ScrinListItItIt is necessary to lick the panties, you can not leave single piece after eating shit.ScrinListI took a shit at night and couldnIt was a beautiful, dirty morning today.ScrinListI want to feed you my shit today.ScrinListI want you to eat all shit, slave.ScrinListI’ll fuck you shitty ass faggot my foot.ScrinListKat, on online stream washes her head with my piss, pity not shit.ScrinListKat, piss head.ScrinListKat ate my shit and give out big pile.ScrinListKat bathes in Dung Lake.ScrinListKat fisting and fucking me with fuck machine, then eating shit.ScrinListKat floats and bathed in cow shit.ScrinListKat loves shit, loves play with it.ScrinListKat misses me and eats her shit with cookies.ScrinListKat shits for you pretty shit.ScrinListKat smeared and bathes in cow shit.ScrinListKat took a shit after eating my shit.ScrinListKnow your place shit eater.ScrinListLana BBW shits diarrhea, everything for you slave.ScrinListLarge diarrhea, anal happiness depraved Emmy.ScrinListLearning husband to love shit and makeup.ScrinListLessons on the way to becoming living toilet.ScrinListLicking my shit over and over and over.ScrinListLick my ass and smell my farts.ScrinListLick my pussy and I will let you fuck me.ScrinListLick shit off my dirty pussy if you canLovely shitty games, itLucky shit-eater, enjoy toilet life, eat diarrhea and shit.ScrinListMayaMayaMaya all in shit enjoying dirty minet.ScrinListMaya brought groom to get acquainted. Part 2.ScrinListMaya brought groom to get acquainted.ScrinListMaya did not stop eating her favorite shit.ScrinListMaya eat her favorite treat - my sweet shit.ScrinListMaya enjoys being in shit.ScrinListMaya enjoy taste and aroma her own shit.ScrinListMaya happy sitting and tells how she ate shit.ScrinListMaya licks me and IMaya milks shitty tits.ScrinListMaya wants her own slave.ScrinListMilking milk from MayaMultiorgasms from little bitch Sasha, fisting my ass online.ScrinListMy WC Sasha washing, fooling around and pissing in the tub.ScrinListMy favorite activity is fisting slave husband in the ass and milking him dry.ScrinListMy hairy girlfriend shits while dancing.ScrinListMy happy toilet all covered in shit.ScrinListMy husband is my slave, servant and toilet always.ScrinListMy lovely dirty games with huge strapon.ScrinListMy lustful and depraved toilet slut.ScrinListMy poo masterpiece.ScrinListMy pregnant beautiful shit-eating Maya.ScrinListMy shit-eating Maya eats her own shit.ScrinListMy slave girl engaged in little pranks, looking for adventure on the ass.ScrinListMy sweet baby Kat dived into cow shit.ScrinListMy sweet minet and fisting with shit.ScrinListMy wet pranks with urine.ScrinListNatural skin scrub and shit peeling for Maya.ScrinListNew toilet for shit, vomit and snot.ScrinListNice feel movements of shit through pussy wall.ScrinListOnline stream my BBW girlfriend.ScrinListPiss and farting in the face of slave husband.ScrinListPlaying and blowjob with shit I cum from it.ScrinListPlaying with snot.ScrinListPrepare for shitty lunch shit receiver.ScrinListPreventive spanking of Kat in the woods.ScrinListRandom kukold of my slave.ScrinListReincarnation of a shit-eater in a public toilet.ScrinListRejuvenating mask for face and body.ScrinListRelaxing after eating and playing with shit.ScrinListRest and smoke break after a very dirty shit session.ScrinListSashaSashaSashaSasha dancing to soft music.ScrinListSasha erotic dreams in shit.ScrinListSasha first time toilet for man.ScrinListScream and cum, eat shit, slut, toilet.ScrinListSensual scat sex with my old girlfriend.ScrinListSeries of my orgasms, the merit young licker.ScrinListServing as a family toilet.ScrinListSexwife eat shit just to be fucked.ScrinListSheShit, more shit, prepare eat any kind my shit.ScrinListShit and piss from me and my slavegirls.ScrinListShit cuckold slave husband.ScrinListShit for you Breakfast, slave.ScrinListShit oozes, bubbles, through snow white tights.ScrinListShits and pisses upside down so nice.ScrinListShits in panties, eats shit and masturbates.ScrinListShitting in favorite jeans after a long day so bliss.ScrinListShitting in plastic bowl to send asslicker by mail.ScrinListShitting upside down and enjoy the shit.ScrinListShitty Breakfast day after day.ScrinListShitty spa, so dirty.ScrinListShy anal sex with Sasha.ScrinListSlavegirl masturbates and poops.ScrinListSlut covered in shit from head to toe.ScrinListSly toilet slut, shitting and eating shit.ScrinListSpontaneous interview with Sasha after heavy session.ScrinListSticky, sweet games of Maya and Kat.ScrinListStretched holes my slavegirl fist and foot.ScrinListSuck bitch shitty cock, make dirty fisting.ScrinListSuck cock, eat cum with shit, gratify me.ScrinListSuck cock, suck shit, do dirty minet.ScrinListSummer pranks on vacation with my girls.ScrinListSurprise for Maya - plate of shit.ScrinListSwallow urine, eat shit and don’t puke, toilet.ScrinListSweet cumshots slave girl right in mouth.ScrinListSweet shit from Emmy for you my dear shit eaters.ScrinListTamara teaches toilet slave loving shit and feeds fresh right out of ass.ScrinListTeaching Maya wash herself sexually from shit.ScrinListTeaching and training shit eater to eat shit.ScrinListTeach your fiance to serve me in a couple with you.ScrinListTest of hot husband urine.ScrinListThatThe first games of Maya with shit.ScrinListThe return of the prodigal toilet slave.ScrinListThese little toilet sluts of slave girl are completely brazen.ScrinListThese two devious little toilet sluts fisting me in all my holes.ScrinListThorough washing after playing and eating shit.ScrinListToday your dinner – shit, pig snout, toilet.ScrinListToiletbowl for everything, puke, shit, saliva, snot.ScrinListToilet life and training of a slave husband.ScrinListToilet slut again playing with shit without me.ScrinListToilet sluts, smearing and play with sticky mixture.ScrinListTriple fisting faggotTwo shit eater and a sucker.ScrinListTwo sluts love sweets and different sex toys.ScrinListUnexpected anal plans, shitting after anal sex.ScrinListWakes me morning, shits middle of the room.ScrinListWash and enjoying bath with shit.ScrinListWatch and envy.ScrinListWet & Messy games pregnant Maya.ScrinListWhat a beautiful, delicious shit.ScrinListWhat a thrill to shit, taste shit and cums.ScrinListYouYouYou know perfectly well that now IYou want licking me with your toilet mouth.ScrinList


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