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I have needs that aren’t yours… I want to get fucked while playing with my piss, my shit, and you are unable to satisfy me on this level my dear husband… My lover arrives, and you will have to watch us while he fucks me like you’ve never fucked me before…!

With him, I can do anything, and he loves it… Up to giving me a big turd in my face and pissing in my face, like the little dog that I am… Lying on my back, my pelvis raised, I make myself then a caviar in the face, then it’s the piss that follows, I piss and aim for the cock hole that serves as my mouth, and I swallow as much as possible…

Then, I spread my shit on my face, before languidly sucking my turd and inserting it all into my mouth… Don’t take your eyes off me, look what my lover manages to do with me…

I then come and suck his big cock, with my face still covered in shit… It’s so hard… Then I roll myself generously in my excrement and spread it all over my body, before pissing my mouth again!

My lover then takes care of my big ass, he’s going to fuck me while you’ll always have to watch us… He fucks me in different positions, and finally, I’m the one who will come and finish it with my mouth…
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